Each Consignor is assigned an account, with a unique account number. Avant-Garde and the consignor agree on a retail price. When the item sells, Avant-Garde and the consignor split the total sale price 50/50.   Checks are issued once a month.  We mail checks for amounts over $30.00. (Consignors can pick up checks for less than $30.00 in person)  

If the item does not sell within the 3 month period, the consignor has 15 days to pick up the unsold items.  If the consignor does not pick up the unsold items, the items are considered abandoned, and Avant-Garde reserves the right to donate, dispose of, or liquidate the items at our discretion.  It is the responsibility of the consignor to mark their calendars, we do not send a notice when the contract period expires.